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Les Misérables Fan Fiction

If anyone had started reading my story "...And Crashing Down..." you should know that I've decided not to host it here on LJ due to the site's occasional wonkiness.  It'll instead be hosted at my own site.


This one was originally some comments on something posted by pens_co927.  I done expanded it an' all.

Exhaust Pipe Potatoes: Why Vampires are OHMIGOD SOOO Romantic.

Started a Poetry Blog!

Read it or...or...ya know...not.
As I've noted before, I'm a collector of older recordings, mostly vinyl albums.  I'll pick an album or single because of the performer(s), the cover art...and sometimes it's the luck of the draw.

I've purchased, on occasion, small lots of 45 singles and 33 1/3 EPs, and I've found some interesting and great music thanks to the gambles I've taken.
12 Dark Shadows icons, all arcs.

-Take and use
-Credit me!
-Blanks are not bases

1. Peter Bradford and Danielle Roget
2. Peter and the Hangman
3. Drawing Room, Collinwood, c. 1840
4. Samantha Collins and Quentin Collins I
5. Bramwell Collins and Catherine Harridge
6. Pansy Faye
7. Victoria Winters
8. Barnabas Collins
9. Victoria, Cassandra Collins, Adam, Barnabas, and Nicholas Blair
10. Chris Jennings: Werewolf
11. Quentin Collins II
12. Jeb Hawkes

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Compiled nearly a month ago, this was constantly being refined until now.  Enjoy!

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20 more Dark Shadows classic series icons

This time around, they're not all from any particular story arc.  Some are meant to be humorous, some use television, film, or theatrical quotes...all kinds of icons for all kinds of Dark Shadows fans, or anyone else, really.

-Take and use
-Credit me!
-Blanks are not bases


1-2: Angelique
3: Aristede
4-6: Barnabas Collins
7. Morgan Collins
8-9: Quentin Collins
10: Samantha Collins
11: Chris Jennings: Werewolf
12: Tom Jennings: Vampire
13: Barnabas and Tom
14-16: Barnabas and Angelique
17: Barnabas, Quentin, and Jamison Collins
18: Quentin and Jenny Collins
19: Chris and Quentin
20: David Collins and Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard


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Pimpin' m'new blog...

Hey all, be sure to check out Exhaust Pipe Potatoes, my new pop (and less than pop) culture blog...I'm talking odd audio of a specific sort in this first entry...